Meet the Characters

Say hello to the Oddcats and join the team! Who is your favourite character?



Meo loves adventure! Brave and enthusiastic, he can usually be found leading the way and helping his friends. Meo likes to learn new things, which comes in handy for mastering magic. His alter ego is Magic Meo and he knows a trick or two - he can even make bunnies appear from his hat!



If you’re looking for a best friend, Kass is your Oddcat. She is caring, thoughtful and always happy. Creative and full of imagination, she has lots of ideas and likes to take photos of the other Oddcats with her camera. She collects things that might be useful in her bag.



It’s time to meet Gatto, a colourful master of disguise! With a love of dressing up, he has a costume for every occasion and has the most fun when his friends join in. Energetic and excitable, he is always ready to dive into situations. Gatto also likes messy play and loves to splash in puddles.



Do you like to sing and dance? Neko is always ready to put on a show! She is confident, full of energy and likes to be in the spotlight. Though she is outgoing, Neko also has a calm side and likes to relax by looking after the flowers in her garden. Her dream is to grow the tallest sunflower in the world!



Billi is a tech genius and likes to know how things work. He can be a bit clumsy and forgetful sometimes but he is inquisitive, clever and a great problem solver. When he’s not building or coding, Billi can be found in the kitchen perfecting his recipes. He makes the BEST cupcakes - you’ll definitely want more than one.